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Growth Services

Many smaller- to mid-sized firms and senior living operators, don’t have the budget to bring in a full-time CMO to help drive growth and coach their best talent. Growing companies often combine sales and marketing roles or promote existing talent to fill the gap with little formal digital marketing training or support.


Instead of hiring a full-time CMO, you can hire a digital marketing expert to help you and your team improve marketing ROI and ensure you have the right skills, resources, and agency partners. As a strategy practitioner with years of hands-on experience, clients ask me to fill a variety of needs and roles, including:


Digital Marketing Assessments & Improvements


Many clients, especially new senior sales and marketing leaders, want to know how current marketing efforts measure up. Some simply want objective advice on how to spark lead and conversion growth, manage agency partners,  or add new marketing capabilities. A marketing assessment produces actionable insights and tangible recommendations very quickly at a reasonable cost. Initial consultations are free so book a Growth Call. 


Digital Advisory and Coaching Services


Over the past 30 years, I have mentored and trained hundreds of agency and corporate marketing staff with practical tips, useful advice, and hard-won lessons to improve their marketing, digital capabilities, analytics skills, and agency management skills.

Now you can hire a seasoned CMO coach with experience mentoring sales and marketing talent while making a direct impact on ROI. While every situation is different depending on your needs, areas of focus can span: 

  • Mastering functional digital marketing and analytics skills

  • Applying best practices in effectively managing agency partners

  • Learning digital marketing, marketing automation, and CRM best practices

  • Improving decision-making speed and executive leadership skills

Beyond nurturing and refining your teams' marketing skills, you get immediate boosts to your marketing performance because the “curriculum” directly addresses your organization's specific challenges, not just marketing theory.


Project-based Support


Many times, clients hire Longevity Point to handle discreet projects, fill digital team gaps, or run planning activities in parallel with day-to-day staff focused on driving existing programs.  Projects typically span anywhere from three weeks to three months depending on objectives and complexity. Recent client engagements include:

  • Advising senior living marketing leaders on best practices across marketing analytics, PPC, SEO, PPC, Social Media, and multichannel marketing. 

  • Evaluating agency partners,  improving client-agency relationships, and conducting formal agency reviews to find the right agency partners. 

  • Strategic advisory and execution support for the launch of an in-home genetic health test. Trained staff on best practices, advised on launch strategy, and built an internal team.

  • Supporting business development, and sales and marketing efforts for a SaaS lead conversion and decision support tool in senior living.

  • Advising senior living marketing agencies in building new, digital lead generation capabilities and offerings.

  • Supporting healthcare specialist marketing agencies with new business development efforts across national medical practices, biotech, and pharma segments.


Fractional Digital Lead or Interim CMO


A fractional CMO role becomes part of your executive team on a part-time basis for an agreed-upon number of weeks or set days per week. For people who have not worked with fractional teams, it can often seem counterintuitive to hire a senior leader on a part-time basis. However, they quickly realize that a seasoned executive with deep experience in your industry can deliver far more value and impact in far less time. This type of engagement generally follows project-based or advisory engagements where each party gets to know each other and a mutual fit naturally takes shape.

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