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Prove it or Lose it


Increased digital marketing spending brings greater scrutiny. If you can’t prove the business value or create proforma estimates, it is hard to build the marketing teams and capabilities you need or, at times, even keep the budget you already have.

Digital marketing channels can represent 35% - 65% of new move-ins. That means marketing leaders are now responsible for larger slices of a company’s total revenue and budget. Making a case for greater spending, agency partners or full-time staff can be a challenge, especially in organizations that are less experienced or do not have the capabilities to assess ROI.

Regardless of where your organization sits in the digital transformation process, we can help. There are six practical steps that we would help customize and guide you through based on your unique situation.

  1. Building the business case for building your internal or external marketing capabilities.

  2. Gaining alignment across executive teams, finance, and finance.

  3. Creating the right dashboards, metrics, milestones, and road map.

  4. Assessing and selecting the right martech vendors and partners.

  5. Finding and managing the right digital marketing agency partners

Longevity Point has helped numerous clients across industries build the case for expanding their internal capabilities and agency partners.  Book a Growth Call to get objective advice and immediate suggestions for making the right cases.

Agency Partner Search

Finding and changing an agency is serious business. Sales and marketing leaders are busy. Few, if any, have time to manage the search process, but they also can’t afford to hire the wrong agency.  Doing it on your own has a high cost in time spent and can be enormously disruptive to your team’s focus on day-to-day business. While the best first step is always trying to fix current partnerships, many marketers stay in unproductive agency relationships far longer than they need to.


It is a challenge to make this important decision on your own—without the benefit of an experienced third party that can help you understand the dynamic nature of today’s marketplace, the changing patterns of agency talent, the wide range of agency profiles, and even the best compensation practices. Most importantly, an agency that is a great fit for one client, may be a really bad fit for another based on business needs, team chemistry, or talent skill set.

The Right Experience.


After three decades of experience as an agency executive, client leader, and consultant inside and outside of senior living, I have a deep understanding of client-agency dynamics and the marketplace. After thoroughly exploring your specific gaps and needs, I can quickly identify and expose you to a much broader and more relevant set of candidate agencies than you or your colleagues could uncover on your own. Most importantly, I can help you ask the right questions that cut through the sales pitch to uncover insights that contribute most to positive, long-lasting agency relationships.

You Save Time and Money.


Working with Longevity Point enables you to stay focused on your business while an expert takes care of the time-consuming details and logistics of the search. Plus, you remain shielded from the onslaught of agency questions and advances before, during, and after the process:

  • Long List Agency Review 

  • RFI/Credentials and Capabilities Stage

  • RFP Assignment or Work Session Stage

  • Finalist Presentations & Chemistry Check

  • SOW and Contract Negotiations

  • Agency onboarding and set-up support


While the above process is for a full end-to-end search, it can be tailored or shortened to your specific needs. Regardless of the process, I work as an unobtrusive and objective consultant. Clients determine the degree of hands-on involvement they want throughout the process. Whether behind the scenes or in attendance at key meetings, I always provide clients with agency access throughout all stages of the review. In sum, I facilitate the process; clients make all the decisions.

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