As consumer use of digital channels accelerates, your business becomes more reliant on marketing technology to make data-driven decisions, gain a competitive advantage and drive occupancy.  Relying exclusively on external partners or online lead aggregators is not a sustainable strategy as digital marketing becomes mission-critical. The question of how to build, buy, or partner to get the right in-house marketing skills takes center stage.


Prove it or Lose it


Increased internal marketing spending brings greater scrutiny. If you can’t prove the business value or create proforma estimates, it is hard to build the marketing teams and capabilities you need or, at times, even keep the budget you already have.

Digital marketing channels can represent 35% - 65% of new move-ins. That means marketing leaders are now responsible for larger slices of a company’s total revenue and budget. Making a case for greater spending, agency partners or full-time staff can be a challenge, especially in organizations that are less experienced or do not have the capabilities to assess ROI.

Regardless of where your organization sits in the digital transformation process, we can help. There are six practical steps that we would help customize and guide you through based on your unique situation.

  1. Establishing the vision and strategic imperative for new digital capabilities/teams.

  2. Building the business case for transitioning some, or all, of your marketing efforts.

  3. Gaining alignment across investors, executive teams, finance, sales, and marketing.

  4. Creating the right dashboards, metrics, milestones, and strategic sourcing road map.

  5. Assessing and selecting the right martech vendors and partners.

  6. Finding and managing the right digital marketing partners

  7. Implementing test pilots and successful roll-out.  

Longevity Point has helped various clients across different industries successfully transition their marketing efforts from traditional to digital channels and from external to internal capabilities.  Book a Growth Call to get objective advice and immediate suggestions for improving ROI.