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Prove it or Lose it


Increased digital marketing spending is being more closely scrutinized these days. If you can't prove the business value or estimate projected outcomes, it can be difficult to secure the resources and funding necessary to grow your marketing team or even maintain your existing budget.

Digital channels can now account for a significant portion of a company's revenue and budget, ranging from 35% to 65% of new move-in revenue. As a result, marketing leaders are responsible for larger slices of the pie, and convincing management and investors to increase spending, partner with outside agencies, or invest in internal capabilities can be a real challenge, especially if they lack the expertise to assess performance.

But don't worry, no matter where your organization is in the digital transformation process, we're here to help. We've identified five practical steps that can be customized and tailored to your unique situation:

  1. Building the case for investing in your internal capabilities or external partners.

  2. Gaining alignment across executive teams, finance, and finance

  3. Creating dashboards, metrics, milestones, and road maps

  4. Assessing and selecting the right martech vendors and partners

  5. Finding and managing the right digital marketing agency partners


Longevity Point has helped numerous clients across various industries make the case for expanding their internal capabilities and partnering with agencies. Book a Growth Call with us today to get objective advice and immediate suggestions for making the right case for your organization.

Agency Partner Search

Finding and changing agencies is a big deal. Sales and marketing leaders are busy and don't have the time to manage the search process, but it's also risky to hire the wrong agency. Trying to do it by yourself takes a lot of time and can disrupt your team's focus on day-to-day business. Even worse, many marketers stick with unproductive agency relationships for too long.


Making the right decision can be tricky without the help of an experienced third party. The agency marketplace is constantly changing, and different agencies work better for different clients depending on their specific needs, team chemistry, and required agency skill sets.

That's where Longevity Point comes in. With over 30 years of experience as an agency executive, client leader, and consultant, we deeply understand client-agency dynamics and the marketplace. After exploring your specific gaps and needs, we can quickly identify a much broader and more relevant set of candidate agencies than you or your colleagues could uncover on your own. Most importantly, we help you ask the right questions to cut through the sales pitch and uncover insights that lead to positive, long-lasting agency relationships.

Working with Longevity Point saves you time and money. We take care of the time-consuming details and logistics of the search, allowing you to stay focused on your business. We shield you from the onslaught of agency questions and advances before, during, and after the process.


Our end-to-end search process includes a long list agency review, RFI/credentials and capabilities stage, RFP assignment or work session stage, finalist presentations and chemistry check, SOW and contract negotiations, and agency onboarding and set-up support. But we can tailor or shorten the process to your specific needs, and you get to decide how hands-on you want to be throughout the process. We facilitate the process, and you make all the decisions.

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